Our Journey to Waste Free

I must start by sharing my views on this journey, but really any life altering journey:
The google searched definition of Journey is “an act of traveling from one place to another” OR “a long and often difficult process of personal change and development”
We can be pretty harsh with ourselves and harsh with others when we see their journey and judge that they have not arrived yet. There is no arrival, at least not on this side of life. We are moving from one place to another. From a crappy, waste filled, consumeristic, overwhelming, plastic using, uncaring place…. to a waste free, happy, liberated, minimalist place. We don’t claim to have arrived anywhere, we’re just traveling along day by day.
That being said, we do not use the journey as an excuse to give up trying for periods of time. But again, we are not perfect and definitely not better than you or anyone else. We are just trying our best to live a life with only good impacts on the world, and hoping to inspire people who want to do the same along the way.

Our journey started in November 2017. I had always been inclined to think about the environment and, many times, I had tried to start recycling, or buying items that were not packaged in plastic, but my hubby, Scott, was really not for this whole idea!
I eventually got so stirred up to make a change and help the environment that I said to my babe: “Take the bins out of the house for 1 week. Give me one week to show you this can work, and then let’s decide if we want to do this thing properly.” So that’s where we started. We used our existing bin as a recycling bin, we bought a bokashi system (I’d highly recommend buying one from Harry Goemans, or OZCF), and we started Eco Bricking (a concept I’d first heard about via Salt in Kalk Bay).
We did this for a week, and after realizing how much single use packaging we consume in one week, we were actually horrified. We also didn’t realize how much of our rubbish was made up by these 3 categories. Of course, we decided that it was worth the effort, and we started towards this journey. Over a year in and we have many times when we don’t do the best we could with our rubbish or our choices, but for the most part we feel we’ve made a considerable difference in our lives and those around us.
Some thoughts we’ve collected along the way:
– We recommend starting with the above mentioned three systems. This immediately eliminates the waste leaving your home and ending up in the landfill.- When we go out, and if we create any waste, we always take it home and dispose of it ourselves. This way we know exactly where it’s going and we can dispose of it responsibly.- We have learnt a great deal about what proper recycling is. Read more about that in another post we did here. But whatever you do, please learn how to recycle properly according to your countries policies, laws, and waste management system. For a comprehensive waste management report for Western Cape, follow this link.- It’s actually a really easy life once you get into it. We find ourselves consuming less, but living fuller lives. We don’t miss anything, and feel more content with what we have.- My one thought (Scott doesn’t share this :P) is what happens when you throw something away. Where is away? Where does it go? You can google all the stats you need to convince yourself, but bottom line is our waste doesn’t go anywhere good unless we’re intentional about it.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you want to know anything else about our journey, and keep following along as we share more thoughts with each post.


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