Waste Free Christmas Gift Guide

The festive season is a lovely time spent with family and friends. However, at the end of Christmas day we are all usually stuffing our bins full of torn wrapping paper ready to be sent straight to the landfill. The temporary moment of happiness is not worth the amount of waste we produce in these times, so why not try out some beautiful and fun alternatives?!

The first thing to ditch is the sellotape – rather opt for twine, rope, fabric or a neat ribbon to hold everything in place. Wrapping gifts with brown paper is simple, sleek and sophisticated, but make sure that it is recyclable, i.e. it should not have a shiny plastic film layer like normal wrapping paper. For more alternative wrapping, you could up-cycle some newspaper, use fabric off-cuts or, better yet, aim for something useful like tea towels! The best kind of wrapping alternative is definitely one that has purpose, so tea towels, scarfs, small tablecloths or even a pillow case could work really well! For the guys, you can also consider using a gym towel.

If you are looking for something creative and are not up for the effort of making it yourself, why not get the Waste Free Wrapping Set from our store for only R45! It includes handmade berry ink-stamped fabric, some twine and a growing seed paper gift tag. The growing seed paper is biodegradable and can be planted, eventually sprouting herbs or beautiful flowers. Check out more growing cards, notebooks and calendars in the Gifting section.

If you are keen on some DIY, try up-cycling old wrapping paper tubes or other cardboard offcuts to make cute gift tags; reusing glass jars and filling them with homemade treats; and try adding some plant cut-offs to really up the beauty factor and showcase your love for the earth!

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