How to use material gift wraps

How to use material gift wraps

Here are three fun ways we use the reusable gift wraps to wrap gifts of all shapes and sizes. These are available for sale on our store, but you can use pretty much any cute piece of material you find. As long as it could be reused for another gift or purpose, it’s a good piece of material to use 🙂
1. The simple knot:
First, gather all your gifts that you’d like to wrap and lay them on the material, with the pretty side facing out.

Next, fold over the two long corners

Make sure you tuck in the edging so that it will be neater at the end.

Then, fold the other two corners over, tying them in the middle:

Pull the edges in a bit to neaten up the package, then do another knot so you end up with a double knot

Add your gift tag, and Bob’s your aunt! Easy as pie to wrap a super adorable gift!

2. The standard wrapping:
This one is easy, especially if you have a square/ rectangular gift to wrap. You wrap it exactly as you would with conventional wrapping paper, but instead of plastic sellotape, you use the twine provided in the gift pack.

Add a gift tag and voila! Lovely as ever!
3. The overflowing gift

Then, use the twine and tie the bunched part together around the middle. Add the gift tag, and arrange the overflow to look nice, and there you go. Easy as pie!
Are there some ways you use the material wrapping that we haven’t mentioned? We’d seriously LOVE to hear them if you do!


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