Eco-Friendly Baby Guide for South Africans

Many of you know that our Bear Necessities team is growing this year as we expect the arrival of our Bear Cub in May 2020.

We have shared with our family that we plan to raise our child with as little waste as possible, and in line with our current lifestyle. Here are some items I think will be super helpful in raising a waste-free baby. I know they are more expensive than the plastic alternatives (at first but definitely not in the long run), however, if people decide to gift us, these are our preferred items. We are not expectant and are so ready to get these ourselves, but again, if people want to gift us, then here’s our list.

*Marks a fun and easy Mama DIY alternative**Secondhand items are priced and found when writing this post, just to give readers an idea of what I would buy if I were purchasing at the time of writing.

Glass/ Stainless Steel Bottles:

100% Natural Rubber Pacifier (Dummy):

100% Cotton Bibs:

Secondhand baby bath:

100% Cotton Baby Towel:

100% Cotton wash cloths:

Natural bath toys/ anytime toys:

  • Fat Brain Toys silicone sensory balls- R265 from Takealot
  • Jellystone Pastel Stacker teether toy- R255 from Eco Baby

100% Cotton crib sheet:

Baby Blanket:

Second hand bassinet:

Second hand humidifier:

Changing pad:

Cloth Nappies and Inserts

These are what you would need to do cloth nappies full time from birth- potty trained and wash only every two days

These are the most basic options (that I personally would go for), and of course, patterned or special designs may cost more.

Pokkelokkie Brand (Hemp):

  • 15 X Small flats (nappy) – R1211 from Pokkelokkie
  • 6 X Medium flats (nappy)- R542 from Pokkelokkie
  • 20 X Boosters (what goes inside the nappy to absorb waste- R35 each from Pokkelokkie
  • 6 X Medium day fitted (nappies)- R1560 from Pokkelokkie
  • 6 X Large day fitted (nappies)- R1710 from Pokkelokkie
  • 3 X Medium night fitted (nappies)- R1080 from Pokkelokkie
  • 3 X Large night fitted (nappies)- R1115 from Pokkelokkie
  • 8 X Newborn covers- R100 each from Pokkelokkie
  • Set of 10 snappies (used for the newborn covers- R135 from Pokkelokkie

Biddykins Brand Cotton:

  • 20 X All in one Newborn Nappies- R125 each from Biddykins
  • 20 X All in one OSFM Nappies- R130 each from Biddykins

Biddykins Brand Bamboo:

  • 20 X Fitted daytime newborn nappies- R105 each from Biddykins
  • 5 X Fitted night time newborn nappies- R115 each from Biddykins
  • 15 X Fitted daytime OSFM (Pocket) nappies- R85 each from Biddykins
  • 5 X Fitted night time OSFM nappies- R170 each from Biddykins
  • 10 X Bamboo inserts- R25 each from Biddykins
  • 5 X Fleece Covers- R115 each from Biddykins

Biddykins Brand Flats (Newborn only):

  • 15 X Small Bamboo Flats- R50 each from Biddykins
  • 10 X Medium Bamboo Flats- R60 each from Biddykins
  • 10 X Bamboo inserts- R25 each from Biddykins

Bam+ Boo Brand:

  • 20 X Newborn all in one nappy- R185 each from Bam+Boo
  • 15X OSFM all in one nappy- R185 each from Bam+Boo
  • 5 X OSFM all-in-one night time nappies- R145 each from Bam+Boo
  • 10 X Inserts- R40 each from Bam+Boo

Tomfips Brand (Cotton):

  • 20 X Newborn all in one nappy- R130 each from SmartBums
  • 5X Fleece Covers- R90 each from SmartBums
  • 15 X OSFM nappies- R225 each from SmaartBums

Mini Matters Brand (Cotton):

  • 20 X Classic Fitted Newborn- R120 each from Mini Matters
  • 5 X Classic Fitted Night Nappy- R182 each from Mini Matters
  • 5 X Fleece Waterproof Covers- R145 each from Mini Matters
  • 15 X All-in-two OSFM Nappy with 3 extra inserts- R295 each from Mini Matters

Fancy Pants Brand:

  • 20 X All in one Newborn Nappy- R185 each from FancyPants
  • 20 X Pocket OSFM Nappy with Bamboo inserts- R260 each from FancyPants
  • 10 X Bamboo inserts- R70 each from FancyPants

Secondhand sets:

Cloth wipes:

  • Hemp Wipes- 4 pack, R60 from Bam+Boo
  • Bamboo Wipes- 4 Pack R95 from Eco Baby
  • Cotton Wipes- 8 pack R35 from BiddyKins
  • Cotton face cloths can also be used- 3 pack R35 from Akermans

Rubber/ Wooden teethers:

Baby toys:

  • Jellystone Pastel Stacker Teether Toy- R225 from Eco Baby
  • Wooden Rattle- R110 From Gnash Kids
  • Books

100% Cotton clothing:

SO many options.

Pick n Pay Clothing do amazing baby clothes in-store that are 100% cotton.

Ackermans as well.

SPCA stores and other local thrift stores also have an array of second-hand baby clothes, and if you look you will find some of them 100% cotton and in great condition.

Below are some clothes that I wouldn’t buy for myself because I would rather use the above-mentioned places, however, they are super cute so I would put on a gift registry. Just a few that I have found:

Feeding Pillow:

Natural Laundry Powder:

Natural Baby all-purpose cleaner:

Baby Carrier:

Breast Milk storage bags:

Reusable Nursing Pads:

Natural Nipple Cream:

Natural Bottle Brush:

  • Eco Coconut Bottle Cleaner- R95 from Makro
  • Bamboo Bottle Scrubbing Brush- R50 from Natural Life

Pacifier Clips:

Reusable food pouches:

Wow, this was a lot more than it seemed at first, but I hope I’ve saved you some time in researching the best prices and quality. And I hope it’s helpful to your parenting journey

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Have a good one!


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